Community Infrastructure Levy - Settlement Boundary Consultation

Cover ImageThe Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a way of charging developers for the new things that they build, to make sure that there is money to spend on much needed infrastructure such as roads, schools and recreation facilities, for the benefit of local communities.

Charges are set on a £/m2 basis and are set out in detail in a document called the 'Charging Schedule'. West Oxfordshire District Council have prepared a charging schedule which sets different rates for new buildings including housing, business development and shops.

The charges will vary in different parts of West Oxfordshire. For new retail development, it is proposed that there will be one charge for town centres, one charge for other locations within the built up areas of the District's main towns and another charge for all other locations.

In order to clearly demonstrate where the different retail charges will apply, we have defined a set of settlement boundaries and town centre boundaries.

The purpose of this consultation is to try and determine whether the defined boundaries are appropriate and whether there are any unforeseen issues that may arise from defining the boundaries in this way.

The proposed settlement boundaries can be viewed on the maps listed below. If you wish to make any comments on the suitability of these boundaries, whether they're drawn in the right places and whether they relate to the right places, you can send these to the Planning Policy team using the email or postal addresses at the bottom of this page.

This consultation has now closed.


  • Opened
    20 Nov 2015 at 00:00
  • Closed
    18 Dec 2015 at 12:00


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Planning Policy,
West Oxfordshire District Council,
New Yatt Road,
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