Draft Core Strategy January 2011

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Date Started: 24 Jan 2011 17:03. Last modified: 24 Jan 2011 17:03
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Do you have any comments on the vision and strategy for the future?

We are all aware that a mass development of 1000 homes would bring a greater levy to the council than that of smaller scale developments. I believe that this council has a responsibility to think beyond this short term gain however. The council should be aggressively pursuing planners/developers who have fresh alternative ideas that show the 4300 homes located in smaller developments across more than one or two sites. We should expect to see modern, environmentally friendly ideas with high Green credentials. The reduction of the environmental impact on the existing community should be at the forefront of planning.


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Witney?

Witney has a much better infrastructure than Carterton enjoys. Better medical, Police, Fire services. Better access to A40. It stands to reason that Witney should take a much larger share of the 4300 homes than any other area. Carterton does not come close to having the infrastructure and services required for the current population and this must be addressed long before any more homes are built there-let alone another 1000.


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Carterton?

See above. In addition, I would like to see the figures in regards to how many residents of Carterton work in the town itself and how many have to commute to employment. It seems like the current council is obsessed with building more homes but places very little focus on bring business and employment to the region.


The Council is proposing further growth at Carterton, either to the east or west of the town. Which of these areas do you prefer and why?

It is well known that Figbury Ltd has generated a thorough proposal for development on the NORTH site. I would suggest that a balanced plan that included both the North and West sites would be the best plan. This is because we already know that the existing Shilton Park development towards the East has created drainage and traffic problems. The East site should be excluded and any planned development should include both the North and West sites along with other plots within the town itself.


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Chipping Norton?

«No response»


Do you have any comments on the meeting specific housing needs strategy?

Meeting housing needs is no more important than meeting employment needs. The council seems driven to address the former while not interested in the latter.


Do you have any comments on the use of existing buildings strategy?

Does the council expect all residents to have read each of these strategies? How does it expect residents are even aware of them?


Do you have any comments on the economy and town centres strategy?

See above. We need to attract more business. We require more employment. We need better services including Police, Fire and Medical. We need better infrastructure, the A40 desperately needs to be widened.

All of these things need to be addressed before 4300 more homes are built.


Do you have any comments on the environment and sustainable development strategy?

As I've mentioned the council should abandon any notion that 1000 homes should be placed together on a single plot of land. This is an archaic idea and a product of an antiquated plan intiated by a government that has now gone. Stop pushing ahead just for the sake of it. A moratorium should be help on the Strategy and a complete rethink is in order. Decimating the Oxfordshire countryside is just another short-sighted example of government losing sight of what makes this country wonderful.


Do you have any comments on the transport and movement strategy?

The Carterton link road is a complete folly and gross waste of money. The trafic has not decreased through the village of Brize Norton, it has increased.

The links out from the community of Carterton must be upgraded to allow commuters outward access that takes them away from the villages.


Do you have any comments on the infrastructure strategy?

Focus on this strategy and get it right BEFORE building another 4300 homes.


Other comments

A very high percentage of the people directly effected by these strategies cannot access the internet and may struggle to be able to type letters to council. I feel this council continues to be cynical in its approach to 'public consultation'.
Why is it that at a meeting of the Carterton Town Council on 14.12.10 it was minuted that "Christchurch (College Oxford-landowner) was about to sign up with a major house builder." This refers to the East site.

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