Draft Core Strategy January 2011

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From jfl46
Date Started: 15 Feb 2011 14:42. Last modified: 21 Feb 2011 20:32
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Do you have any comments on the vision and strategy for the future?

The entire focus is on building new homes but little or no consideration is given to the quality of life of both new and existing residents. The scale of building over the past 25 years has completely changed the character of both towns and villages (not all for the worse I confess). The issue that should be addressed before (I stress BEFORE!) any further large scale development is that of transport links and other infrastructure issues such as entertainment, leisure, education and medical facilities.


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Witney?

The town is already bloated although I think the council has done a very good job of ensuring developments are attractive and varied. it is hard to see how the town or indeed the area can absorb more residential development with the current infratructure architecture.


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Carterton?

Carterton can only improve but the development to the west is by far the worst of the two options. many of the comments already made could be repeated but in essence the site is remote, expansionary and will suffer most from the noise generated from BN. Why would planners subject residents to both this and isolation when they have a better alternative.


The Council is proposing further growth at Carterton, either to the east or west of the town. Which of these areas do you prefer and why?

See above


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Chipping Norton?



Do you have any comments on the meeting specific housing needs strategy?

It's putting the cart before the horse. If the quality of life in west oxfordhire is to mean anything in future the council must first address the other important issues that are a pre-requisite for further development.


Do you have any comments on the use of existing buildings strategy?



Do you have any comments on the economy and town centres strategy?



Do you have any comments on the environment and sustainable development strategy?



Do you have any comments on the transport and movement strategy?

The A40 continues to be a frustrating drive at nearly all times. Further increases in traffic will lead to higher levels of frustration, dangerous driving and accidents. The traffic lights at Cassington should be removed and substituted with a roundabout - that would give significant immediate relief. An under or overpass at Eynsham would do the same and a slip road onto the A34 North (why on earth wasn't this done with the bridge?) would all make a big difference without widening the road.


Do you have any comments on the infrastructure strategy?

What about a bit of vision? - a rail or tram link to Oxford would generate a large amount of extra economic activity while increasing hugely the quality of life and improving the environment.


Other comments

I think the council is doing its best for the residents of West Oxon but I suspect the options are being driven from elsewhere. There is a fundamental flaw in the thinking behind development and that is the quality of life issue. It is inevitably degraded if it is not addressed. The important matters that appear to be too big to grasp are simply parked in the 'too difficult' cabinet. That's why we will all suffer from whatever decisions are taken.

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