Draft Core Strategy January 2011

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From chompfest
Date Started: 10 Mar 2011 23:05. Last modified: 10 Mar 2011 23:05
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Do you have any comments on the vision and strategy for the future?

I find further large development of West Oxfordshire by and large at odds with the main aims expressed in the Core Strategy. To quote the Draft Core Strategy Jan 2011, “Our vision for the future ….is to meet the needs of West Oxfordshire's communities without significant change to the intrinsic character of the District.” Joining Carterton to either Brize Norton or Alvescot by means of yet another sprawling, soulless housing maze is the single most drastic and damaging change to the intrinsic character of those particular communities that you could make.


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Witney?

Witney is in real danger of losing its Market Town identity


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Carterton?

As point 1


The Council is proposing further growth at Carterton, either to the east or west of the town. Which of these areas do you prefer and why?

West, because I believe that the closing of the gap between Brize Norton village and Carterton is detrimental to both communities. The gap proposed between Carterton and Alvescot is larger. However, I believe that both developments are overly large.


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Chipping Norton?

the amount of development proposed is far more likely to preserve the towns characteristics and be absorbed and sustained more easily


Do you have any comments on the meeting specific housing needs strategy?

We were told thatthe housing requirement had been dictated by the last Government. It appears you have wholeheartedly embraced and adopted the same policy. I suspect this is to offset the loss of all that potential developer money. Councils are NOT businesses. They should be run with the interests of their residents at heart and not with profit in mind and it often appears that this is not the remit being followed at all and particularly when it comes to funding available from developers.


Do you have any comments on the use of existing buildings strategy?

Would it not be sensible to begin by utilising a number of existing brownfield sites as opposed to greenfield? This would automatically scale down the size of developments.


Do you have any comments on the economy and town centres strategy?

The concentration of services in one or two huge developments erodes the use of local services as proven by the demise of village shops and pubs unable to compete with supermarkets in nearby developments


Do you have any comments on the environment and sustainable development strategy?

There are flooding risks associated with the development taking place in West Oxfordshire as evinced by the changes highlighted in the latest Flood Maps issued by the Environment Agency. The suggestion that conservation areas would be preserved & enhanced is nonsense. Larks, Lapwings & Hares that were once commonplace where the Shilton Park est now dominates, have all vanished. They haven’t relocated, they have gone. No housing development ‘enhances or preserves’ conservation, anywhere, ever!


Do you have any comments on the transport and movement strategy?

Until the transport infrastructure been addressed it seems very misguided to even consider any further development in any town or village to the West of Oxford. The A40 simply cannot cope.


Do you have any comments on the infrastructure strategy?

With the concentration of facilities in these developed areas and the gradual closure of those in smaller towns and villages, coupled with the withdrawal of several subsidised rural bus services means that many people will experience far greater difficulty in accessing services and facilities.


Other comments

Vast estates do nothing at all to address any of your 9 priorities for action; indeed, it can be argued that the exact opposite is true for many of them. See uploaded document

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