Draft Core Strategy January 2011

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From Rutilus
Date Started: 11 Mar 2011 09:28. Last modified: 11 Mar 2011 16:13
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Do you have any comments on the vision and strategy for the future?

I strongly object to the figure of 1,600 houses for Carterton. The stated aim of the Carterton Town council was to reach a population of 20,000. I consider this total will/can be reached by development within the current boundaries of the town. The current population of 16,000 plus 2,500 additional service personnel arriving at RAF Brize Norton plus further already planned developments and ongoing small in-fill sites the 20,000 will easily be reached.The excellent retail facilities now available at Witney will always draw custom away from Carterton where only convenience shoopping will continue to take place.


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Witney?

Witney is a fine shopping centre which is drawing in shoppers from a wide area. Consider it is time to consolidate existing services before further large expansion. Too rapid growth could undo the excellent work that has taken place in bringing this townup to a ver high standar .


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Carterton?

I consider that further large scale development in the town of Carterton to be unwarranted. Carterton has had "the rug pulled from under its feet" by the large scale retail development in Witney. There is no possibility of Carterton centre being m ore than an area for convenience shopping. It will not compete with Witney to draw in customers from the surrounding area.Carterton should not expand outside of its present boundaries. NO GREEN FIELD SITE DEVELOPMENT SHOULD BE PERMITTED.


The Council is proposing further growth at Carterton, either to the east or west of the town. Which of these areas do you prefer and why?

If Carterton must develop the Western Option has a larger area and more opportunities for future growth and would provide Carteton with the facilities it claims to need. I.E. Areas for employment, burial ground, school and retail area. It is also a considerable distance from local villages.Any development in the Eastern Option would be wholey against previous statements that the new link road , monahan Way would be the definig boundary between Carterton and Brize N ortron.


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Chipping Norton?

The area is underdeveloped. It would seem to be more sensible to create further growth in Chipping Norton, Charlbury and Woodstock rather thatn concentrate all major growth in Carterton and Witney, which arfe only three miles apart. Surely other areas in the WODC area would also benefit from growth/


Do you have any comments on the meeting specific housing needs strategy?

The requirement for affordable housing to meet local needs will not be met by development of 1,000 plus housing estates. At 30-40% of affordable housing beinmg built into these estates this will concentrate 600-800 afordable homes in West Witney and Carterton. This does not solve the problems in local requiremnt for other small towns or villages.WODC SHOULD RE-VISIT THIS PROPOSAL


Do you have any comments on the use of existing buildings strategy?

«No response»


Do you have any comments on the economy and town centres strategy?

It is noted that plans include more areas for employment i.e industrial units.there are many units unused in both Witney and Carterton. These have been empty for a considerable period prior to the financial collapse of the economy. Large corporate companies are not being attracted to the area. Preferring the Kudos of an Oxford Science Park or Reading area postal code. The current situation will not prevent out-commuting from Carterton and Witney in search of higher salaries.


Do you have any comments on the environment and sustainable development strategy?

All development impacts on the environment. Any build on a green field site is bound to affect flora and fauna. wildly exagerated claims that there will be improvemnt or conservation are unfounded.


Do you have any comments on the transport and movement strategy?

The present road systems are insufficient with little likelyhood of improvemnt. Any new development should be near to a railway to reduce further congestion on the roads, in particular the A40 Burford to Oxford.


Do you have any comments on the infrastructure strategy?

Localy no comments are discussed including the increased demand on the public services, Police, Fire, ambulance services will all be under greater pressure. Doctors and Dental Surgeries, hospitals, schools are also under considerable strain.


Other comments

There is too much development being planned in the closely placed towns of Carterton and Witney. Development should take place in Witney which already has a large/succesful range of shopping facilities.

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