Draft Core Strategy January 2011

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From Smiths Gore
Date Started: 11 Mar 2011 16:25. Last modified: 11 Mar 2011 16:30
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Do you have any comments on the vision and strategy for the future?

on behalf of a number of clients for whom we act and have made reps at an earlier stage of the LDF process, we support the revised broad allocation of housing over the plan period especially c. 800 dwellings in the ruarl areas and less at Chipping Norton in accordance with our earlier reps. we believe that particular focus should be given to the Eynsham/Woodstock sub area. Our clients have land in Aston,Eynsham, Minster Lovell, Standlake, Tackley and Wootton - all of which are either Local centres or villages where some new development will be considered on a limited scale.


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Witney?

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Do you have any comments on the strategy for Carterton?

Will or has the MOD been required to make realistic contributions to local infrastructure directly arising from their massive expansion of RAF Brize Norton - education, roads etc - will WODC demonstrate clearly exactly what has been built recently within the base and demonstrate the contributions made and how this compares to what market developers would be expected to contribute.?


The Council is proposing further growth at Carterton, either to the east or west of the town. Which of these areas do you prefer and why?

West is best - there is more scope for future growth in a more pleasant environment enhanced by the Shillbrook valley which can act as a green lung corridor of benefit to existing and new residents alike, whilst flood alleviation measures can be enhanced with balancing lakes etc to ameliorate perceived problems downstream in Alvescot etc


Do you have any comments on the strategy for Chipping Norton?

Reduced housing allocation makes sense as being on the edge of the Cotswold AONB and very visible in the landscape this is not an ideal location for significant expansion.


Do you have any comments on the meeting specific housing needs strategy?

Generally supportive to overall staregy except on affordable housing - the 50% policy on small site in villages is not viable and restricts the supply of small sites coming forward - we suggest over five units then one affordable. Use of the exception site policy should encourage more sites to come forward and increase supply of affordable.


Do you have any comments on the use of existing buildings strategy?

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Do you have any comments on the economy and town centres strategy?

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Do you have any comments on the environment and sustainable development strategy?

Given the importance of Oxford as a centre of employment more development should be allowed in villages within easy commute of Oxford with good bus or rail links to minimise road traffic flows. Park and ride at Eynsham has been suggested by us in respect of land at Eynsham owned by one client.


Do you have any comments on the transport and movement strategy?

See comments above about road infrastructure contributions by MOD in Carterton A40 area - an improved road link is still needed.

Park and Ride potential at Eynsham - we have made reps about this already


Do you have any comments on the infrastructure strategy?

see above


Other comments

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