Draft Local Plan October 2012

Supporting Infrastructure

4.25 All new development, even a single new home puts existing services and facilities under pressure and we need to make sure that where new development is proposed, it is supported by the right level of infrastructure investment. There are three broad categories of infrastructure; physical, social and green infrastructure. Physical infrastructure includes items such as roads, cycle routes, water, gas and electricity supply and waste management. Social infrastructure includes healthcare, education, emergency services and community facilities such as libraries, community centres and sports halls, whilst green infrastructure includes open space, allotments, woodland and other types and networks of green space.

4.26 Infrastructure has been traditionally provided or funded by developers through legal agreements under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act (1990). However, this system is being largely replaced by the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). This is essentially a tariff or charge that local authorities can impose on new development. CIL has a number of potential advantages including greater transparency and certainty and it is the District Council's intention to introduce CIL into West Oxfordshire before April 2014.

4.27 The first step in the process of introducing CIL is to identify the infrastructure that is needed to support future growth and how much it is likely to cost. A draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) has been prepared in support of this draft Local Plan. The IDP has been prepared in partnership with a range of organisations including Oxfordshire County Council and will be refined and updated as more information becomes available.

4.28 The Council recognises that the requirement to provide new or enhanced infrastructure must not be so onerous as to render development unviable. Viability testing will therefore be carried out to help inform the preparation of a preliminary draft CIL charging schedule which will be published alongside the proposed submission draft Local Plan in spring 2013.

CORE POLICY 5 - Supporting Infrastructure

Where necessary and viable, development will be required to deliver, or contribute towards the provision of appropriate supporting infrastructure.

This will include, where applicable the strategic infrastructure items identified within the Council's Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) as well as non-strategic infrastructure requirements including those associated with individual development proposals.

Such provision will be secured through mechanisms including conditions on planning permissions, planning obligations and/or the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).