Draft Local Plan October 2012

Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development

4.3 Sustainable development is that which provides for current needs without putting at risk the needs of future generations. In other words it is about thinking beyond the immediate impact of development and considering what might happen as a consequence in the future. There are three main dimensions to sustainable development; economic, social and environmental.

4.4 In terms of the economy, it is about the timely delivery of sufficient land in the right locations to support growth, whilst from a social perspective it is about ensuring strong, vibrant and healthy communities through the provision of enough housing, the creation of high quality environments and accessible local services. From an environmental perspective, it is about protecting and enhancing the natural, built and historic environment.

4.5 This Local Plan is underpinned by a presumption in favour of sustainable development. In other words, development that is sustainable will be allowed to go ahead. This plan sets out what will and won't be considered sustainable in West Oxfordshire. Regard should also be had to the NPPF.

4.6 When considering development proposals and Neighbourhood Plans, the Council will take a positive approach and will work with applicants to ensure that where appropriate, proposals are approved and that development which would improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of the District is secured.

Core Policy 1 - Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development


Planning applications that accord with the policies in this Local Plan (and, where relevant, with policies in Neighbourhood Plans) will be approved, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

Where there are no policies relevant to the application or relevant policies are out of date at the time of making the decision then the Council will grant permission unless material considerations indicate otherwise - taking into account whether:

  • Any adverse impacts of granting permission would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits, when assessed against the policies in the National Planning Policy Framework taken as a whole; or
  • Specific policies in that Framework indicate that development should be restricted.