Draft Local Plan October 2012


Our housing related objectives include:

CO2 Locate new residential development where it will best help to meet local housing needs.

CO3 Ensure the timely delivery of new housing to meet forecast needs and support sustainable economic growth.

CO4 Plan for an appropriate mix of new residential accommodation which provides a variety of sizes, types and affordability with special emphasis on the provision of homes for local people in housing need who cannot afford to buy or rent at market prices, including those wishing to self-build as well as homes to meet the needs of older people, newly forming households and travelling communities.

5.1 The provision of new housing is a critically important issue for West Oxfordshire. New housing is vital to economic growth and as an attractive and well-located place, people want to live here, however because house prices are high, many people cannot afford suitable accommodation. The plan therefore seeks to meet identified housing needs through the provision of a sufficient number of new market and affordable homes.

5.2 The population of the District is getting bigger. It is also changing, with a forecast increase in the number of older people. More people are also choosing to live on their own with average household sizes continuing to fall. The draft Local Plan therefore identifies how much new housing is needed, where it will be located (having regard to the overall strategy) and what type of new housing should be built. These and a number of other key housing issues are addressed below.