Draft Local Plan October 2012


Our environmental objectives include:

CO5    Promote inclusive, healthy, safe and crime free communities.

CO13  Conserve and enhance the high environmental quality ofWest Oxfordshire with protection and
promotion of its diverse landscape, biodiversity and geological conservation interests, and its local cultural, heritage and environmental assets.

CO14  Reduce the causes and adverse impacts of climate change, especially flood risk.

CO15  Achieve improvements in water and air quality.

CO16  Minimise use of non-renewable natural resources and promote more widespread use of renewable energy solutions.

7.1 A key characteristic of West Oxfordshire is the quality and diversity of its natural and historic environment. One of the biggest challenges for the Local Plan is to protect, sustain and enhance this environment, while at the same time accommodating necessary development. This section sets out how this objective will be pursued locally through our approach to the conservation and enhancement of the District's environmental assets - its landscape character, biodiversity, green infrastructure, public realm, natural resources (water, waste, minerals) and the historic environment.