Draft Local Plan October 2012


10.1 In this section we consider how the various elements of the draft Local Plan will be delivered. We also explain how the plan will be monitored. This is critical as it allows us to see whether it is coming forward as expected, failing to deliver or perhaps having some unintended consequences.


10.2 As a 'spatial plan' responsibility for delivering the Local Plan rests with a number of different organisations and agencies. We have already discussed in Section 4 our approach to infrastructure provision and the various agencies involved including ourselves and external partners such as Oxfordshire County Council, the Highways Agency, Environment Agency, Thames Water and others.

10.3 There are other elements of the plan which will also require the action and involvement of various partners in order to come forward. Core Policy 8 on affordable housing for example will require the involvement of housing developers, housing associations, West Oxfordshire District Council's housing and planning departments and potentially other groups such as Community Land Trusts.

10.4 Similarly, Core Policy 24 on transport will require the involvement of Oxfordshire County Council, the Highways Agency, transport providers including bus and rail, developers and the Oxfordshire Rural Community Council.


10.5 Monitoring is an essential part of any good strategy as it allows us not only to establish whether policies and proposals are coming forward as expected but also whether they are having any unintended, potentially harmful wider impacts for example in relation to the environment or economy.

10.6 Where monitoring demonstrates that policies are failing to deliver their objectives or having unintended consequences, appropriate action can be taken such as revising or replacing a particular policy or potentially reconsidering the overall strategy.

10.7 Effective monitoring also allows for:

  • Plans to be adapted if circumstances change
  • Progress against national, regional and local targets to be measured (e.g. job creation, delivery of affordable housing etc.)
  • Progress against sustainability aims and objectives to be measured
  • Trends to be established over time (e.g. housing completions, unemployment rate etc.)

Delivery and Monitoring Framework

10.8 Attached at Appendix 3 is a delivery and monitoring framework setting out how each Core Policy will be delivered and the indicators that will be used to measure progress.

10.9 The framework will form the basis of future monitoring arrangements with the results being published through the Council's monitoring report currently produced on an annual basis. Where monitoring suggests that policies need to be revised or replaced this will be carried out through future stakeholder consultation and subsequent revisions to the Local Plan.