West Oxfordshire Local Plan Housing Consultation

Infrastructure Capacity

4.71 A further important consideration in determining the number of new homes that should be planned for is the capacity of local infrastructure to absorb growth (roads, schools, health care etc.) and whether the impact can be successfully mitigated either by improving existing facilities (e.g. school expansion) or through the provision of new infrastructure (e.g. new road link). This issue has not been explored through the SHMA.

4.72 We know from previous consultation responses that residents and businesses in West Oxfordshire are particularly concerned about the impact of more housing on the A40 with congestion already a significant problem. More housing will increase pressure on the A40 and other key routes and will also add pressure on local schools, health care, emergency services and so on.

4.73 It is vital that the number of homes planned for takes full account of such issues. The capacity of infrastructure in West Oxfordshire to absorb growth was a key factor influencing the target set for the District in the South East Plan of 365 homes per annum in the period 2006 - 2026.

4.74 In support of the draft Local Plan (2012) the Council published a Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) which sought to quantify the infrastructure requirements associated with the previous housing target of 5,500 homes. The IDP has been updated to take account of higher levels of growth and has been published as a background paper to this consultation.