West Oxfordshire Local Plan Housing Consultation

3 Plan Period

3.1 The Government's National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that Local Plans should be drawn up over an appropriate timescale, preferably a 15-year time horizon (from the date of adoption).

3.2 The Council's current timetable envisages adoption of the new Local Plan by July 2015. The end date of the draft Local Plan (2012) is 31st March 2029. This means that upon adoption it will cover a period of just less than 14 years.

3.3 Whilst the Oxfordshire SHMA covers the period 2011 - 2031, much of the Council's other supporting evidence runs to 2029 and the Council considers that this remains an appropriate timescale for the plan to cover.

3.4 It is also relevant to note that in light of the high level of housing need identified for Oxford City within the Oxfordshire SHMA (2014) there may need to be an early, focused review of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan, in order to address any 'unmet' housing need that cannot be delivered within the City's boundaries.

3.5 A process of joint working has been agreed and all of the Oxfordshire planning authorities have signed up to a statement of co-operation in accordance with the duty to co-operate. This work will involve detailed consideration of various different options for meeting Oxford City's unmet housing need across Oxfordshire.

3.6 As part of this process, potential site options within West Oxfordshire will need to be considered. If any of these are taken forward as preferred options, the West Oxfordshire Local Plan may need to be subject to an early review which would provide the opportunity to extend the plan period to 2031. However, at the present time, it is considered appropriate for the Local Plan period to remain at 2011 - 2029.

Consultation Question 1) Plan Period

Do you agree that the period 2011 - 2029 is a reasonable period of time for the new West Oxfordshire Local Plan to cover? If not, what period should the plan cover and why?

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