West Oxfordshire Local Plan Housing Consultation

Eynsham - Woodstock Sub-Area (1,350 homes)

6.186 This sub-area has a population of about 21,000. The three main settlements are Eynsham, Long Hanborough and Woodstock. With a population of around 5,000, Eynsham is the fourth largest settlement in West Oxfordshire, located just south of the A40, half-way between Oxford and Witney and just beyond the western edge of the Oxford Green Belt. Eynsham is an important local service centre offering a wide range of facilities and employment. Long Hanborough developed as a linear village along the now A4095 and is one of the smaller service centres with a population of approximately 2,400.

Figure 6.18 - Eynsham - Woodstock Sub-Area


6.187 Woodstock is a historic town of national, if not international, renown. The old part of Woodstock is a well preserved example of a medieval town; a Conservation Area covers much of the central area and almost 200 listed buildings. The Blenheim World Heritage Site abuts the western boundary of the conservation area and extends to the north and south of the town along the A44. The town has a very good range of services and facilities given its size (approximately 3,000 population).

6.188 In accordance with the overall strategy, additional housing development in this sub-area will be focused on Eynsham, Long Hanborough and Woodstock as rural service centres, with any additional development steered mainly towards the larger villages.

6.189 The overall requirement for the Eynsham - Woodstock sub-area (1,350 homes) will be met through a combination of homes already built, existing commitments, sites identified as potentially suitable within the SHLAA and speculative windfall development.

Eynsham - Woodstock Sub-Area

Provision will be made for at least 1,350 new homes in the Eynsham - Woodstock Sub-Area in the period 2011 - 2029.

This will be delivered through the following:

  Source       Number of dwellings 
Homes already completed 2011 - 2014 315
Existing commitments including:
Land n/o Marlborough School
Rural exception sites
Other permissions
Potential SHLAA capacity 499 - 529
Windfall allowance 300
Total 1,397 - 1,427


Figure 6.19 - Delivering the housing requirement in the Eynsham - Woodstock Sub-Area

Existing permissions, SHLAA sites and windfall

6.190 In addition to the 315 homes already completed, almost 290 new homes will be delivered on sites that already benefit from planning permission including rural exception sites.

6.191 The Council's SHLAA update (2014) has also identified a good level of potential capacity within the Eynsham - Woodstock sub-area (499 - 529 homes). Sites identified as having potential include:

  • Land at Church Road, Long Hanborough (subject to school capacity)
  • Land west of Eynsham (subject to landscape impact and access arrangements)
  • Land east of Woodstock (subject to landscape impact)

6.192 As before it is appropriate to include a windfall allowance and the same assumption has been applied to this sub-area (i.e. 20 per year or 300 in total from 2014 - 2029).

6.193 The Council does not intend to make any strategic housing allocations within this sub-area through the Local Plan (Part 1) document and will instead make site allocations through a follow up Local Plan (Part 2) document with initial consultation planned for early 2015.

Consultation Question 17) Eynsham-Woodstock Sub-Area

Do you support the overall level of housing provision identified for the Eynsham - Woodstock Sub-Area (1,350 new homes)? Please expand as necessary.

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Consultation Question 18) Eynsham-Woodstock Sub-Area

Are there any other sites not identified that you think should be identified within the Eynsham - Woodstock sub-area to help meet the overall housing requirement?

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