West Oxfordshire Local Plan Housing Consultation

Burford - Charlbury Sub-Area (650 homes)

6.194 This is the largest of the sub-areas and has a predominantly rural character, with a population of about 13,000. It includes a network of small and medium sized villages, none larger than 3,000 residents. The majority of the area is within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and many of the towns and villages have extensive conservation areas and many listed buildings.

Figure 6.20 - Burford - Charlbury Sub-Area


6.195 There are two designated rural service centres within this sub-area; Burford and Charlbury. With a population of 1,300 Burford is the smallest of the District's service centres but has a level of services which belies its size and is one of West Oxfordshire's most popular tourist attractions. With a population of just under 3,000, Charlbury lies in the centre of West Oxfordshire on the Cotswolds rail line.

6.196 Other larger settlements in this area include the villages of Milton under Wychwood and Shipton under Wychwood (population of 1,500 and 1,300 respectively). Both villages are within the Cotswolds AONB. Stonesfield has a population of about 1,500.

6.197 In accordance with the overall strategy, additional housing development in this sub-area will be focused on Burford and Charlbury as rural service centres although given the relatively limited capacity of these settlements, some development may be necessary in the larger villages.

6.198 The overall requirement for the Burford - Charlbury sub-area (650 homes) will be met through a combination of homes already built, existing commitments, sites identified as potentially suitable within the SHLAA and speculative windfall development.

Burford - Charlbury Sub-Area

Provision will be made for at least 650 new homes in the Burford - Charlbury Sub-Area in the period 2011 - 2029.

This will be delivered through the following:

Source    Number of dwellings   
Homes already completed 2011 - 2014     132

Existing commitments including;
Rural exception sites
Other permissions

Potential SHLAA capacity 99
Windfall allowance 300
Total 691


Figure 6.21 - Delivering the housing requirement in the Burford - Charlbury Sub-Area


Existing permissions, SHLAA sites and windfall

6.199 In addition to the 132 homes already completed, 160 new homes will be delivered on sites that already benefit from planning permission including rural exception sites.

6.200 The Council's SHLAA update has identified limited capacity of 99 new homes within the Burford - Charlbury sub-area due to heavily constrained nature of the area. Sites identified as having some potential include:

  • Montana Cottage, Kingham
  • Tanners Lane, Burford
  • South of Milton Road, Shipton U Wychwood (subject to access)

6.201 As before it is appropriate to include a windfall allowance and the same assumption has been applied to this sub-area (i.e. 20 per year or 300 in total from 2014 - 2029).

6.202 The Council does not intend to make any strategic housing allocations within this sub-area through the Local Plan (Part 1) document and will instead make site allocations through a follow up Local Plan (Part 2) document with initial consultation planned for early 2015.

Consultation Question 19) Burford-Charlbury Sub-Area

Do you support the overall level of housing provision identified for the Burford - Charlbury sub-area (650 new homes)? Please expand as necessary.

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Consultation Question 20) Burford-Charlbury Sub-Area

Are there any other sites not identified that you think should be identified within the Burford - Charlbury sub-area to help meet the overall housing requirement?

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