West Oxfordshire Local Plan Housing Consultation

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Document Section West Oxfordshire Local Plan Housing Consultation Housing Distribution and Sites Witney Sub-Area (3,550 homes) [View all comments on this section]
Respondent William Trench [View all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 14 Aug 2014

Whilst accepting that additional housing will be necessary and that the location of any potential sites for large scale development are limited, I do hope that sufficient attention is paid to the smaller areas and their specific problems.

I have specific issues with a potential site mentioned in paragraph 6.17 of the plan, namely  "the Scrap Yard, West End."

In the report it states that the council have identified a number of small development sites. Whilst any development in central Witney will exacerbate the traffic problems of Bridge Street and West End , any development of the Scrap Yard in West End will have a further negative effect.

The council should not consider the West End Scrap Yard site for potential development either in the short term or as a long term scheme for the following reasons :-

1. Detrimental effect on traffic flow in West End and Bridge Street


2. Dangerous access from site to West End
A number of developments have been allowed in recent years including Millers Mews for example.
This site has flooded at least twice and has, because of the difficult access, led to a number of traffic accidents over the years. The same mistakes should not be repeated.

3. Affect on sewer capacity.

4. Additional rainwater run-off

There should be a stop put on any further development in the immediate area until the construction of the long planned West End Link Road is carried out.