West Oxfordshire Local Plan Housing Consultation

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Response Date 17 Sep 2014

English Heritage makes no comment on the non-allocation of these sites, but would comment that, according, to our records, there are no designated heritage assets on either site, although there is a cluster of grade II listed buildings at Charity Farm across the Bampton Road to the west of the site. If the site was to be taken forward for allocation, provision should be made for the setting of these buildings to be conserved.

The Historic Environment Record and the Oxfordshire County Archaeologist should also be consulted if either or both of these sites is taken forward for any records of archaeological interest (we note that the County Archaeologist noted that a late British/early Anglo Saxon cemetery was revealed during the construction of the A40 where it crossed the Curbridge Road on the site South of Witney but did not think this to be of national significance. This would need to reconfirmed. If either of these sites is taken forward, the policy allocating the site should contain a reference to the site's potential archaeological interest and require pre-development investigation with the results being made publicly available.

A Historic Landscape Characterisation of Oxfordshire is currently underway and it might be possible to prioritise the assessment of these sites should it be proposed to take either forward.