West Oxfordshire Local Plan Housing Consultation

Housing Land Availability

4.67 The SHMA takes no account of housing land availability rather it provides a theoretical assessment of potential housing need. A key consideration for the Council in determining an appropriate local housing target is the amount of suitable and deliverable housing land that is likely to be available over the period of the Local Plan.

4.68 The Council is required to prepare a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) which identifies sites that are potentially suitable for housing and whether and when they are likely to come forward.

4.69 The Council's previous SHLAA was published in 2011 and has been updated in support of this consultation. The updated 2014 SHLAA is available separately and demonstrates that there is capacity for the provision of around 8,200 homes taking account of previous completions (2011 - 2014) existing commitments and other potentially suitable and deliverable housing sites.

4.70 This does not take account of potential windfall development (i.e. unidentified sites) but even when a windfall allowance is included the overall level of capacity is evidently lower than the full level of housing need identified in the SHMA. The findings of the SHLAA are clearly material to the determination of an appropriate local housing target.