Draft Local Plan October 2012

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A Major Concern with this Development is Encroachment


 Your Planning Policies stated the following

 Sub-Clause 10:11:

Only constrained expansion is allowed because of the need to protect Brize Norton and Shilton in their rural setting and separate identities

 Sub-Clause 10:12:

Also, Aircraft noise and boundaries of the Air Base rule out any noise sensitive development including housing. Since this policy was adopted there has been an increase in the volume of air traffic using the Base and this number is increasing

 Sub-Clause 10:33:

In addition, the only development allowed in the buffer area under Policy NE2 will be recreational, community uses appropriate to open countryside.

 Sub-Clause 10:31:

Furthermore, the Carterton Council intends to secure sufficient open land between Shilton and Brize Norton to prevent coalescence and therefore protect its high environmental quality. The spread of urban development beyond the North East development (Shilton Park) into the countryside alongside the new link road (Monahan Way) will not be permitted.

 What has changed?



 The WODC Landscape Assessment 2009 ruled that this site was inappropriate for development because of its open sloping topography rising to the Burford Road, which would make the development highly prominent and difficult to screen from Manor Road and Burford Road houses.

The proposal of a ribbon like extension to the Country Park is not acceptable as this tract of land is mainly underwater for nearly three quarters of the year and would have to be densely planted for screening purposes. It would therefore be useless as an extended park land. So obviously its main purpose is to screen the new builds view from the ugly dominant warehouse hangers and the newly built, Medical Centre with its high security and razor wire fencing. It is certainly not there to appease Brize Norton residents at all by acting as buffer. This development will have a more detrimental affect on all of the properties along Burford Road. In particular the listed building, Grange Farm which is located on an elevated landscape peering down onto the new development.

 How therefore can you justify your claim that this to be an extension to the country park and a buffer from the encroachment of the proposed development?



A recent planning application by two residents in Burford Road that both went to appeal, but were rejected on 13th February 2013. One quote from the appeal rejection from the Planning Committee was: The main issues are the effect of the development on the creation of a sustainable pattern of development in West Oxfordshire and on the character and appearance of the local area. However, the proposal of 700+ dwellings and a new school on the opposite side of Burford Road seems to be an acceptable planning proposition.

How can the Carterton East proposal be acceptable when two planning applications were turned down on appeal on the Burford Road?



Another major concern of the residents in Brize Norton is the possible loss of the primary school which is fully subscribed and recently rated “outstanding” within the area. Even residents in Carterton apply to send their children to this school because of its high Offstead rating over the years.

 What guarantee do you have that we will not loose our school?