Draft Local Plan October 2012

Document Section Draft Local Plan October 2012 STRATEGY AT THE LOCAL LEVEL Carterton Sub-Area CORE POLICY 31 - East Carterton Strategic Development Area (SDA) [View all comments on this section]
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 Question 1. What firm evidence do you have that noise will not be a problem on the proposed site?

 Any report that relies solely on noise reports from EGRs is flawed. As we explained there are many more sources of noise- aircraft taxiing, taking off, landing, ground equipment running etc., etc.

We could have given a lot more detail.

  For example The Scheduled Out of Hours Flying for May is 19 out of 31 days !

 Question 2.  If noise attenuation measures are used EGRs What evidence do you have that they will significantly effect the overall noise levels?

 Question 3.  If noise attenuation, on the airfield,  is seen as part of the solution--Who pays?  It would up to the MOD already suffering financial cuts.



 Question.  What consideration, if any, have you given to light pollution on the proposed site?

  Try walking round the site at night. You wont need a torch.


Air Pollution

 All documents on this subject  say that it must be addressed at the planning stage. The only reference that we have found is a statement that --it is unlikely to be a problem.

  Brize Norton suffers from the smell produced by aircraft engines . Oil like deposits are formed on car windscreens.

 We are sure you are aware of the conclusive evidence to show that emissions from aircraft constitute a health hazard.

 Question. 4  What evidence do you have that Air pollution is not, and will not, be a problem ?