Draft Local Plan October 2012

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Response Date 12 Jun 2013
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We refer to the report you presented as Agenda Item 12 to the Economic and Social Overview & Scrutiny Committee on Thursday 30 May 2013 and to the meeting you and your colleagues had with members of the Brize Norton Action Group (BNAG) on Thursday 23 May 2013.

The Noise Update Report from the Brize Norton Liaison Committee illustrates the point made by the BNAG representatives that noise monitoring, noise measurements and noise modeling are primarily focused on mitigating against the noise impacts of engine ground runs.  Whilst this is important in terms of researching ways of reducing the impacts of activities the air base has some control over and so reducing the impact on existing developments; the work does not address the more fundamental issue around the noise impacts of the operating airfield on any potential new developments.  This is particularly important when one considers the noise impacts of preparing 2 or 3 aircraft for departure in the early hours of the morning, as has happened on a number of occasions over the last 4 - 6 weeks.  This can lead to significantly more noise impact over a two to three hour period between 02:00 and 05:00 than engine ground rounds during less unsocial hours.  The RAF have little control over the take-off and landing times of their aircraft as these are dictated by operational needs around the world.  It is these noise impacts that need to be understood more fully when considering the development of future residential areas close to the air base.

We trust that your Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) will consider the effects of operational noise from the air base when considering areas for future residential development, rather than relying on the RAF to develop Ground Running Enclosures for the successful mitigation of engine ground runs on existing developments close to air base.  We hope that the noise measurements taken over the 4 week period in late March will be able to be used in the SHMA and we hope that the data will published for us to view in the not too distant future.